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The Fitbit Tracker was launched in Fall 2009 by Fitbit, a San Francisco-based company. Since then, many people decided to buy Fitbit and try it out themselves. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this wireless pedometer and where to buy Fitbit.

The Fitbit Ultra Tracker, or simply “Fitbit” for short, is a small plastic gadget that contains a 3D motion sensor. The unique 3D motion sensor is similar to the Nintendo Wii remote’s motion sensor. The Fitbit Tracker is clipped onto your clothes, and the motion sensor logs your body’s movements. By tracking your movements, Fitbit allows you to find out how active you have been throughout the day.

If you’re interested and you want to know where to buy Fitbit online, the best place to buy Fitbit is at the Fitbit.com official website, where you can get FREE shipping and the best support.

It is not just a simple, overpriced pedometer. This pedometer is an amazing device that shows what you’ve been doing and when. It tells you how much you’ve been walking, running, or sitting.

This device can also be strapped on your wrist and worn while you sleep. The Fitbit motion tracker will then track your movements while you sleep. The Ultra detects every toss and turn and knows when you wake up. It also includes a base station that is plugged into your computer.

The base station connects wirelessly to the Fitbit Tracker and automatically uploads your daily activities to Fitbit’s servers. You can then logon to Fitbit’s official website and view graphs, data, and details about your daily activities. You can also log your meals on the Fitbit web portal to keep track of your diet.

People buy Fitbit because it is the perfect tool to keep track of your fitness, diet, and health. According to fitness experts, you need to take a minimum of 10,000 steps each day to stay fit and healthy. This tiny little gadget lets you know how close you came to that goal of 10,000 steps.

You will want to buy Fitbit because it makes doing normal activities fun by showing you how active you are and how many calories you burned or gained. You will feel like you are playing a fitness game. You will find yourself trying to take more steps each day because Fitbit will tell you how lazy you have been yesterday.

On this website, you will find some of the best deals and discounts available for you to buy Fitbit online.  I’ve personally owned this fitness tracker for several years now and have been through many other pedometers on the market.  I can say, that by far this is the absolute best one that exists for the value that you’re paying.  Of course, there are other devices out there through Nike, BodyBugg or BodyMedia, but hands down the best reviews of Fitbit that I’ve read have come from owners of this device.

I’m constantly updating this website and providing links to the best deals available.  Make sure to thoroughly go through this website and click the links.  Not only that, but for a limited time you’re able to get FREE SHIPPING on your Fitbit Ultra when you order today.


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