How Does Fitbit Work?

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fitbit ultra fitness trackerThere’s many questions about how Fitbit works and how it tracks your movements, which this website will explain in detail.  Make sure to read it thoroughly, along with this in-depth Fitbit review that explains things in even more detail, along with my experience and how I was able to lose 10 pounds of body fat.

The Fitbit Tracker has a 3D motion sensor which is similar to the Nintendo Wii remote’s motion sensor. Fitbit senses your body’s motions in 3 dimensions to give you useful information about the daily activities you engage in.

So how does Fitbit work and what exactly does it track?

The Fitbit Tracker measures the duration and intensity of physical activities, such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled while walking or running, amount of sleep, and more.

How Do You Wear It?

The Fitbit Tracker needs to be attached to your body for it to work. You can wear the Fitbit Tracker by clipping it to your clothes, strapping it to your wrist, or putting it in your pocket. Fitbit is very small and light so you can place it almost anywhere in your body. Sometimes you may even forget that you have it with you!

Using the Fitbit base station plugged to your computer, the Fitbit Tracker sends the data it has recorded to the Fitbit website. This is all done wirelessly and automatically when the tracker is within range of the base station. At the Fitbit website, you can find more information about the Fitbit Tracker and answers to questions such as “How does Fitbit work?”

Most importantly, the Fitbit website is where you can find the Fitbit dashboard. The dashboard is where you can find all your data and various charts and graphs of your daily activites. You can see the number of steps taken, miles traveled, calories burned, etc. You can also log the meals that you ate so can see how many calories you gained.

Here’s some answers to the most common questions that I receive:

How does Fitbit work to improve your health? Fitbit improves your health by showing you how active you are and by motivating you to eat healthy and exercise more.

How does Fitbit work to motivate you? A cool feature of the Fitbit tracker is the virtual flower displayed on the device. The flower shows you and everyone else how active or lazy you are.

How does Fitbit work with the flower to motivate you? If you exercise more and eat healthy meals, the flower grows taller. If you ate junk food and watched TV all day, the flower shrinks and wilts.

This motivates you to be more active because you don’t want everyone to see a wilted flower on your Fitbit.  Not only that, but there exists an online community on their website where you get many tools and resources that can motivate you to lose weight and improve your health.  You can also interact with others, share your goals, and check your progress.  One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to measure your results and see the progress that you’re making, which the website provides.

The technology of Fitbit works much more advanced than any other wireless pedometer out there, including Nike and BodyBugg.  If you’re wondering how does Fitbit work better than the others, it’s essentially through the accuracy of the motion sensors that it has, which other products simply aren’t up to the same standard.  If you want to learn more about it, read this Fitbit review for more.  I also made a post about BodyBugg vs Fitbit if you want a fair comparison of the two products.

Where Can I Buy It?

If you’re looking to purchase Fitbit, then I recommend clicking on the links provided on this website.  I make sure I update this website regularly and am always searching for the best deals and discounts for Fitbit.  Also, for a limited time, if you click the link on this website you can receive free shipping on your order.  It’s easily worth the investment, and you’ll be wondering how you were able to live without this fitness tracker.


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