Fitbit Review – The PROS and CONS Of Fitness Tracker Pedometer

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After 3 years of owning a Fitbit, I wanted to share my experiences and results with this amazing little device that doesn’t leave my side in this Fitbit Review.  I’m going to reveal both the PROS and CONS of this fitness tracker pedometer, so that you can get a good idea about it and how it’s benefitted my life.  Not only that, but if you visit the home page you will also see many Fitbit reviews from people that have purchased and used the product on Amazon.

I’ve always had trouble making positive changes for my health. It just seems that after a short burst of enthusiasm, engaging in exercise or maintaining a healthy diet, I eventually lose faith in the value of my effort. When I look at the mirror after several days or weeks, nothing seems to change. While most people claim that they feel happier after spending the afternoon jogging or eating the right food each morning, I never felt such effects. For all I know, all those claims are hogwash. My perceptions took a complete turn though, after having received this wireless fitness tracker.

Some say that I’m much too pragmatic in a wrong way. Not only am I much too focused on what could be seen with my own two eyes, I also fixated on the immediacy of things. These traits were probably the very reason why I failed to recognize the advantageous benefits of healthy living. Using this device, I found a way to keep track my improvements over time. Not only did I have an empirical means of knowing whether I have made the right amount of effort in becoming more active, but I also had a direct means of evaluating my progress.

What’s The Best Part About It?

How does FitBit do all this for me? For such a small device, it clearly has a lot of features. For one, it acts as a micro-sized pedometer. While I always wanted to get a full-sized pedometer, the real problem is that the device is quite awkward to use. FitBit also functions as a calorie-tracking device. For obvious reasons, this feature is definitely useful to me. After all, I wanted to know whether my decision to engage in physical activity does not end in vain. While I don’t really need a sleep tracker function, it’s still a nice bonus.

Aside from these, FitBit also adds a nice social aspect to healthy living. No, this is definitely not the usual “Hey, you look slimmer than the last time” kind of deal. With all the data collected about physical activity, praises are no longer subjective. FitBit does not just have an online tool, it has an online hub for those with the same goal of becoming fit. While the site might sound too friendly or social, as it does feel like Facebook or MySpace at times, it is definitely a serious portal of fitness competition. That’s how I see it anyway.

When I see my friends reach their goals quicker, I know that they’re getting healthier. In a way, I know that they’re also starting to look better. Not to be left out, I increase my activity instead of slacking off. FitBit does its task perfectly. It makes me aware that working out does have a positive effect on me. It keeps me on a healthy lifestyle, as it highlights the fact that everything that I do actually influence my health. I recommended this marvelous little device to those who need to be reminded continuously that one’s health is worth the effort.

Fitbit Ultra Review

I recently shared some of the results I’ve experienced in my Fitbit Ultra Review about how since owning this fitness tracker, I’ve lost nearly 12 pounds of body fat and have more energy than ever.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, as it’s really improved my health and vitality.  On average, owners of Fitbit increase their walking by 43% and lose about 13 pounds on average.  That’s pretty amazing results if you think about it.

The price you pay for Fitbit is peanuts to what you actually get.  Some personal trainers these days cost hundreds of dollars, whereas owning this fitness pedometer will easily ensure you get results without too much focused effort.  You won’t have to go to the gym or follow crazy diets.  You just need to make sure your Fitbit is attached to you at all times and you will subconsciously begin moving more and using your body in more scenario’s, which will burn more calories, thus resulting in weight loss.


  • Sherlyn

    I will be putting this dazzling insgiht to good use in no time.

  • Nicole

    Amazing little gadget. Most of the time I don’t even remember it’s on me and I’ll look on the Fitbit website and it’ll show me a detailed summary of all my movement, calories burned, etc… for the week. It’s AWESOME. I love this… highly recommended.

  • Jessica

    First time I’ve heard this product. I really want to try this one. I want to see the effectiveness of this product.

  • Loadingdose

    Great device but tremendously easy to lose or misplace. ;-)

    That’s actually a Seller’s feature: you blame yourself if you lose it, but it is arguably a design flaw; Fitbit gains repeat business on replacements!

  • Juny Arnoza

    I was at first confused on how I could use the product but the reviews got me and yeah, this one good stuff!

  • Juny Arnoza

    I was at first confused on how I could use the product but the reviews got me and yeah, this one good stuff.. It was a bit easier to trim down using this.

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